September 7th, 2008


Поскольку утром у нас с Леной была очередная акция бессмысленного героизма (обнаружился некий инфернальный способ отправки грузов в Питер..), то на фестиваль пришли часам к четырем. Collapse )

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Вот что пишет Трей Ганн в своем дневнике на myspace.

"One of the things that struck me from the Kazan Festival was the performance by Zemfira. She is a Russian singer who has a very simple band – guitar, bass, drums and two horns. The music is, also, quite simple. But the dynamic range that they work with hit me immediately. The verses would sound quite strong, but then when they would go into a chorus the sound would explode enormously. Then they would bring it back down in the next verse, and so on

All this sounds so simple and something that any band would do. But these guys did it very, very well."

Там же - очень интересные впечатления от концертов в Казани и Москве.