January 20th, 2017

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Хоть давно уже не читаю регулярно, я до сих пор подписан на Uriah Heep mailing list - то, с чего вообще началось мое знакомство с Интернетом уже... больше 20 лет назад. Но речь не о том. Один из его подписчиков, оказалось, учился в одной школе с Майклом Олдфилдом. Вот что он там пишет:

" I remember him alright. We used to finish classes around 5.00pm and I recall him leaving the premises and as soon as he was off school limits would take of his cap, tie and blazer (strictly against the rules) and light up a smoke (punishable by death). Then he would saunter off down Leibenrood Road where he lived and it was said he would go home to his parents' and practice music. Every night. A bit of a loner.

He was once busted by the Head-Master (a real bastard) for not doing any homework and paraded in front of the morning assembly, where he was described as a worthless good-for-nothing layabout who, if he did not pull his socks up, would end up being a penniless musician!"

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